What Services We Provide

Business Owner Services

We work with local entrepreneurs and business owners to help them transfer business success into personal/family wealth. No demographic is so important to America's economic vitality and national prosperity!

And no group faces greater obstacles, risks, and challenges either! Business owners share many challenges, issues, and priorities that differentiate them from corporate executives and business employees. Our local firm has the resources and expertise to help business owners with many important issues.

We provide comprehensive financial analysis to determine appropriate strategies to help you with complicated issues such as:

  • Estate Planning & Inheritance Transfers
  • Buy/Sell Agreement Planning
  • Tax Management & Reduction
  • Owner Benefit Strategies
  • Risk Management & Protection Planning
  • Exit/Transistion Strategies


Your Business Life Cycle... 

Drives The Issues & The Priorities

Start-Up Issues

Cash Management & Survival

Entity Formation          Payroll & Reporting

Recruiting Staff         Marketing & Sales

Management Systems          Mandated Benefits           

Regulatory Compliance          Credit Lines/Capitalization 

Growth & Expansion Issues

Success Protection Planning

Buy/Sell Agreeements         Tax-Qualified Benefits    

Business Valuation         Entity Transistion    

Liability Protection          Retirment Plans      

Business Continuation Plans          Productivity & Profitability        

Mature & Prosperous Issues

Tax Planning

Increased Owner Benefits         Income Tax Reductions       

       Grow and Train Buyer         Key Person Coverage Plans

      Bonu/Handcuff/Parachute        Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

  Exit & Transistion Plans        Estate Planning                  

   Wealth/Value Transfers    

Transitional Issues

Wealth Creation & Transfer

Transferable Book Value          Capital Transfers                  

Stock Redemptions          Living Buy-Outs           

Generational Transfers         Acquisition,Merger, Sale   

Explansion Opportunities  


We can help you make the most of the hard work and resources you have in your business by intergrating business strategies with personal financial planning to help you get the most out of your business.